CodeIgniter Redirect to Current Page URL After Logout ?

In CodeIgniter you can get current page URL using CodeIgniter URL helper function current_url(). Now you knew how to get current page URL, then append the current page URL to logout URL, here is the code


PHP Redirection script

In this programming tutorial, you will learn page Redirection using PHP. you can use header() function in PHP or use meta to redirect to a new page you want or redirect to another website. using header() function:


How to Remove index.php in the url of Yii Website?

Usually, when we run a Yii website, the URL will have index.php after the hostname. To remove this in appache web server, we need to enable the mode_rewrite module and should create .htaccess file. To hide index.php from […]

How to remove index.php from Codeigniter URL?

I would like to explain about removing index.php from codeigniter based application urls with .htaccess.To hide “index.php” from the URL, add an .htaccess file to your web root, with following text:


How to find a string/value in an array in PHP?

While developing web applications, in some cases we have to check for array value existence in that situation we can easily check for the value using PHP’s built-in function in_array(). Here is the code


Get Full Current URL from Address Bar

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get current web page URL from your web browser address bar using PHP script. To get Current Page URL We can use $_SERVER Environment variables. In PHP, We can not read URL path […]

How to Trim all Members of an array with PHP?

This Post is About Removing White space of array Members from the beginning and end of the given array. Here is the code.

Another Method : Used PHP functions […]

Increment / Decrement Operators in PHP ?

Increment and Decrement Operators are common in many Languages, Increment Operator is represented by ++ Decrement Operator is represented by — Pre-increment or Pre-decrement: if you Put increment or Decrement Operator […]

Get image height and width PHP ?

We can easily extract image information from the Image URL using PHP’s predefined function called getimagesize() I Use this function whenever I need to know image HEIGHT and WIDTH, this function returns an array […]

PHP Array Functions: array_change_key_case

In this programming tutorial, you will learn how to use the PHP array function array_change_key_case to manipulate array keys in your arrays. array_change_key_case() function is used to manipulate array keys(string) into […] Protection Status