Password Hashing Functions in PHP 5.5

The password hashing API provides an easy to use wrapper around crypt() to make it easy to create and manage passwords in a secure manner.This extension is available since PHP 5.5.0.In this article, I’ll cover the basics […]

How to Speed Up CodeIgniter App?

We can improve Codeigniter application speed with simple tactics. I will show very simple steps, which will improve your CI app speed. Enable Gzip Compression Enable full page Cache Enable HTML output Compress leverage […]

MySQL With Handling Duplicates ?

This post explains, how to prevent the duplicate occurrence in the table and how to deal with already existed duplicate records. we can private duplicate record occurrence in the table with the use of primary key and Unique […]

My favorite Css,Js Compressor ?

Css Compressors MinifyMe, a minimizer for CSS and Javascript Js Compressors […]

How to Install YII in windows, XAMPP ?

SETP1: Download Latest version of Yii Framewrok from official website ( SETP2: Extract The Giz. SETP3 : OPEN command prompt, type cd / hit enter cd xampp/php hit Enter cd php.ext c:xampphtdocsframeworkyiic […]

Cross browser Unselectable text Using Css?

In some special situations need to disable Text Selecting(copying) on the webpage. we can achieve this with JavaScript and CSS, below is the CSS trick.

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How to Display Confirm box when clicking a Link?

We always use Confirm Box while Deleting Data, Confirm Box is vary useful to confirm use Actions on the web, fortunately we can fire Confirm Box with minimal Script, just add onClick() attribute and little javaScript. […]

How to Get Last inserted ID in CodeIgnier?

We often need last inserted ID for different reasons(for example when you need to store foreign key), Immediately after a record has been inserted into the database, you can get the id that was auto incremented(primary […]

PHP Email Sending Script ?

Below Script is using PHP’s mail function to send emails.

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