Echo Array values in PHP ?

This is very simple and common task, But many PHP newbies(beginners) don’t know about it. To see the Structure of PHP array , you have to use PHP built in function called print_r(),This will give a listing of all the […]

PHP Function to get data from MySQL Database?

Data retrieving is vital in Web Applications, so in this post i am going to write about Data Retrieving function in PHP From MySQL Database. There are several options are available to fetch data from MySQL Database Using […]

Useful CSS Generators List

Below is a list of some CSS generators that will help make your life as a web designer much easier. 1. CSS3 Generator My favorite, the CSS3 generator will allow you to create virtually every CSS3 feature out there (box […]

HTML5 Force Download

When you link to a file like an image or a PDF-document it will be displayed within the browser normally. The download-attribute in links prevents this behavior and offers the file as a download in your browser. In html5 […]

How to enable WordPress Post thumbnails?

In this post, I would like to show you how to enable WordPress post thumbnails on your WordPress theme. Post thumbnails are pretty useful and very easy to activate.To enable post thumbnails simply paste the following code […]

Image Data URIs with PHP

I often Use Image Data URIs for large-scale applications depending on client requirement(not supported in IE7 and below). Data URI: The data URI scheme is a URI scheme that provides a way to include data in-line in web […]

How to make Alphabet Navigation Menu with PHP?

In this post, we are going to discuss alphabet navigation, before that do you know How to generate alphabets in a loop with PHP built-in functions, take a look at the below examples.

In […]

Uploading Images With PHP ?

This Tutorial takes you through How to make a PHP Image Uploading Script, rather than uploading images to a database this tutorial shows you how to upload images to your web server. Uploading images to a server can be […]

IE Fix: IE7 text-indent bug in CSS ?

When Making links with Background images to keep text visible to search engines or text-to-speech applications we use Text indent about large negative values to hide the anchor Text We Give. It works on all major browser […] Protection Status