Facebook Open Graph META Tags

This post will explain you that how to include social META tags for defining exact titles, description and images for better results. Why should I Use Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags? There is no secret that facebook is […]

How to Create,Get,Check Sessions in Zend Framework 2?

In GF2 in order to use Sessions we should use this use ZendSessionContainer; class. This class Container extends of ArrayObject and instantiates with ARRAY_AS_PROPS flag that means you can easily iterate through properties […]

Yii Tutorial :: How to Add Facebook Open Graph Tags ?

This Blog post is about Adding Facebook Open Graph Tags to the web app in Yii, This is really simple Task, Using This Tags We can tell Facebook What Content Should share like Image, Title, Description .. etc. Syntax


How to count days between two dates in PHP?

In this tutorial, we will write about calculating the number of days between two dates. This can be done very easily using the DateTime object that is available since PHP 5.3. if you need to count number of days between […]

How to add Date Picker to a Form Text Field in YII?

Here is simple code snippet for adding date picker in YII. We have a Date Picker widget in Yii so I am gonna show you how to use this widget with simple blow code sample.

For more options […]

How to redirect to previous URL in YII

If you want to get previous URL use blow line of code

If you want to redirect to the previous URL use blow line of code That’s it happy coding I hope […]

AJAX + CSRF Protection in Codeigniter ?

Codeigniter 2.0 adds an important security feature to prevent CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks. Even better, the feature is automatically added to your forms(if you enable CSRF in Config, and if you use CI form […]

How to Check for Ajax request in CodeIgniter?

The CodeIgniter Input Class Provides some helper functions to deal with user inputs , this class is initialized automatically by the system so there is no need to do it manually. I always recommend you to use this class […]

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