How to Install Node.js on Windows?

In this post i am gonna write About node.js installation on Windows operating systems. Go to , nodejs’s official website , Click on the install button , will automatically download pre complied Binary […]

How to Secure your CodeIgniter Application ?

Today I am gonna Write About Codeigniter website security optimization and voiding hacking disasters. Tips to Secure your CodeIgniter Application Keep CodeIgniter up to date Server side validation/form validation Allowed […]

Multiple Database Connection in CodeIgniter

You Can Connect to Multiple Database in the same Codeigniter application easily. To use Multiple Database Connections you have to crate multiple Configurations Arrays. By default CI had following line of code to connect […]

WordPress Ping List – 2014

WordPress ping list is very useful to extend your blog reach to major search engines. How Ping works in Wp Whenever you publish, edit or modify a post, WordPress sends a ping to all the Ping services which are listed under […]

Uploading and Extracting Zip Files with Codeigniter?

In this post i’ll explain how to upload and extract zip files using codeigniter file upload library and PHP Zipachive library. Lets start by creating required codeigniter Files(controllers and views). First Create a […]

How to get current page full URL with PHP?

In this Post, you’ll learn how to get current web page url from your web browser address bar using php script.

By calling above function you get the current page url. Over view 1. […]

Why Codeigniter removes inline style from html input ?

Recently i ran into to the situation to set inline styles to element on the page using html inputs,project is developed using CodeIgniter framework , for security reasons I had enabled XSS filtering Globally in application/config/config.php […]

Get ALL Links From Page with php ?

This is post is about getting All Links from the given URL, we can achieve same Output with various methods but i am gonna use DOMDocument Class, DOMDocument class is PHP built in Library, it Represents an entire HTML […]

Printing Last Executed Mysql Query in CodeIgniter?

In codeIgniter We can get last executed MySQL Query With One of the CI’s Query Helper function called last_query(), you can use this as shown below the last_query() Function Returns the last query that was run (the […] Protection Status