How to get Facebook page fan count using PHP ?

It’s pretty easy to obtain the like count via Facebook’s Graph Api.This small code snippet given below uses FaceBook’s graph api and returns the likes count of the page. There is no need to have the FaceBook access […]

Zend Framework 2 installation on Xampp ?

In this tutorial i will cover the ZF2 installation on xampp for windows operating system. 1.First you need to download and install xampp server from apachefriends 2.Download and install GIT from Download GIT 3.Download […]

PHP Coding Standards and Best Practices

Coding Standards place a vital role in any programming language for achieving a high code quality and to write more readable and clean code. Here is the list of some best coding standards. Upgrade to the Latest Version […]

Execute a HTTP POST Using PHP cURL

cURL is very powerful library, which allows transfer of data across a wide variety of protocols. I often use curl in my projects. here is a very basic example to Post data using cURL in PHP.


Top 5 jQuery Sliders for Free

jQuery has become a popular choice among web designers and developers because of the user’s ability to create websites with more personalization schemes without the need of using extensive coding. As the web designing […]

PHP File Handling

PHP File Handling is very impotent for serious programmers, we often use File Handing methods in web development, In this post i will cover file – Create, Open, Read, Write, Append, Close, and Delete Methods. Create […]

CodeIgniter URI Segments ?

This post is about codeigniter URI Segments, ci’s uri class is initialized automatically by the system. with the help of uri segments we an get values from the URL , just like GET[‘key’] method in core […]

How to Create Custom View Helper in ZF2

In this post I will show you how to create a custom view helper in ZF2, writing custom view helper in zf2 is very easy thank to zf2 authors. Here in this example i am goanna create StaticFileVersioning Module, you can […]

Setting Database Configuration in CodeIgniter?

Setting Database Configurations in Codeigniter very tiny task , just open database.php within applicationconfig. Set config like below , here database user “root”, password “”(no password), DB Name […]

Twitter Bootstrap styles to Codeigniter Pagination

Here is the list of $config settings to style the pagination links properly in Codeigniter with Twitter Bootstrap CSS & markup. To avoid loading each time in each controller we can place bellow config array in config […] Protection Status