Zend Framework 2 Advanced database operations ?

In this post i would like to list basic to advanced database queries using ZF2. I am gonna use TableGateway methods here. Simple Select Query

SQL statement is […]

Increase MySQL Connections Limit

Recently i got “too many connections” errors in MySQL, after quick research i found a solution to fix this issue.This issue due to connection limit of my MySQL installation.We can change the max_connections […]

Dependent Dropdown List with AngularJS

Here the simple AngularJS tutorial on creating Cascading DropDownList with Angular JS.

DemoI hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if […]

How to assign alternate class to rows in Angular JS?

In this post i would like to write about Angular JS ngClassOdd,ngClassEven directives , by using this directories we can take effect only on odd rows or on even rows. This directives work exactly as ngClass and this directives […]

How to Change port in XAMPP

By default Xampp server is run on 80 port, if you want to change this port to something, just follow the below steps it is pretty easy. Before you start changing anything, make sure you don’t have Xampp running somewhere, […]

MySQL copy table to another database

Syntax to copy one existent MySQL table from one database to another database:

Syntax to copy one existent MySQL table to another table in the same database: […]

Create Index in the MySQL Table

Indexes allow the database application to find data fast, without reading the whole table.The CREATE INDEX statement is used to create indexes in tables. CREATE INDEX Syntax


How to install Intl extension in Xampp ?

The PHP Internationalization extension is used in almost all modern frameworks. The extension is useful for formatting currency, number and date/time as well as UCA-conformant collations, for message formatting and normalizing […]

YII – The mcrypt PHP extension is not installed.

Recently i tried to install YII2 ,i got “The mcrypt PHP extension is not installed.” error. In this post, I will show you how to fix this issue and show you how to install mcrypt. What’s mcrypt? MCrypt […]

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