Force Git to overwrite local files on pull

git fetch downloads the latest from remote without trying to merge or rebase anything. Then the git reset resets the master branch to what you just fetched. The –hard option changes all the files in your working […]

Extend Eloquent Model with created_by, updated_by ?

By extending Eloquent we can inherits all of the existing functionality to our model. By Extending newly created Base Model we can inherits custom methods in all models. By placing global used common methods at one place […]

Better way to check variable for null or empty string?

Here is the simple PHP function for testing given data is null or empty string.

I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face – […]

How to write Sub Queries in Codeigniter Active Record ?

Codeigniter didn’t provide an option to use subqueries with active record class. So today I would like to provide simple and possible comprehensive techniques on “creating Sub Queries with Codeigniter Active Record”. […] Protection Status