Custom Facebook Share Button without FB-OG Tags

Nowadays you can find Facebook “Like” and “Recommend” widgets on every website. One problem I have always found with sharing URLs on Facebook is that you often have no control over the image and […]

Getting started with Meteor.js

Meteor makes it simple to develop real-time web apps in a matter of hours.Meteor.js is an open-source platform build on Node and MongoDB. To develop applications with meteor you do not need to learn new languages, If you […]

Send files via cURL in PHP 5.5+

In this post I would like to show you file uploading via cURL. cURL is a great glaring library. It can be used to make HTTP requests to remote servers like a normal web browser and we can also send files to the server […]

PHP 7 – Null Coalesce Operator

One more new operator from glaring PHP7, couple of days back I wrote about php7 spaceship operator , now I am going to write about “Null Coalesce Operator”. The null coalescing operator is ??. There is no doubt […]

PHP 7 – Removed deprecated functionality

Blow are the some of the deprecated functionalities which are removed from the PHP7 as for RFC. 1. ext/ereg (deprecated in 5.3) and the ext/mysql extension (deprecated in 5.5) are removed and POSIX compatible regular expressions […]

PHP Closures and Anonymous functions

Anonymous functions are also known as Lambda functions. Lambda function and closures are the functions with no name. Anonymous functions has same variable scope characteristics as closures.And all anonymous functions are […]

PHP Generator

Generators compute and yield iteration values on-demand unlike regular PHP iterators. Means generator returns a sequence of values with yield instead of a single value with return. When the yield statement of a generator […]

MySQL Triggers

A trigger is a named database object that is associated with a table, which performs their own operation automatically when user performs any INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE operations on a specific table. If you drop a table, any […]

php7 <=> spaceship operator

Spaceship operator() also know as Combined Comparison Operator. Basically this operator will offer combined comparison means, it will do greater-than, less-than and equal comparisons between two operands.Below are the […]

How to turn off MySQL strict mode?

Follow the below mentioned instructions to turn off or to disable the MySQL strict mode. This can be fixed in one of two ways Method 1. Make the following changes in the “my.ini/my.cnf”: 1. Look for the following […] Protection Status