Use for() instead Array.forEach(), for() is 95% faster

Array.ForEach is about 95% slower than for() in for each for Arrays in JavaScript. So, don’t use:

Use: See this performance test online: […]

PHP get class name without namespace

Below is the simple function to get class name without namesapce.

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How to setup maintenance mode in CodeIgniter

In this post, I will show you how easy it is to setup maintenance mode in CodeIgniter using CI’s hooks. while updating your web application its always better to show meaningful maintenance message to the end users, […]

How to connect to a MSSQL Server With PHP

I recently had to connect to an MSSQL Server using PHP on an Ubuntu system using PHP. To connect to MSSQL using PHP 5.6 we’ll need to use PDO’s DBLIB (PDO_DBLIB). So let’s install the required packages […] Protection Status