Docker file for Express App with PM2

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Node.js 12: Private Class Fields

Javascript allows us to declare fields inside the class. We can access its own fields or properties by creating an instance of a class. Example:

As specified as of 2019, We can now declare […]

PHP 7.4 – Null coalescing assignment operator

The null coalescing assignment operator is a shorthand for null coalescing operations. Let’s take a example code

So, instead of writing the previous code, we could write the following: […]

PHP 7.4 – Arrow functions

Arrow functions also called “short closures”. We can always access the parent scope, there’s no need for the use keyword. Here is a simple example with an arrow function.


Eloquent – A better way to increment or decrements an int

Laravel has in-built increment() and decrement() functions to increase or decrease a value of the column, by 1 or with the given number. Below are the examples:

That’s it – it will […]

Difference between two dates in JavaScript

Let us see an example of how to calculate the difference between dates using Javascript. First, write an HTML code with Javascript as below:

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Laravel Drop all tables

This is useful for migrations when you can’t rollback. It can easily be run in artisan mode or you can create a console command.

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PHP 7.4 – Numeric Literal Separator

PHP 7.4 allows for underscores to be used to visually separate numeric values. It looks like this:

The underscores are simply ignored by the engine. i.e both are equal. I hope you like […] Protection Status