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I am Arjun from Hyderabad (India). I have been working as a software engineer from the last 7+ years, and it is my passion to learn new things and implement them as a practice. Aside from work, I like gardening and spending time with pets.

How to connect to Amazon MAC EC2 instance with VNC

In this post, we gonna enable enable VNC in the Amazon Mac EC2 instance. Open your terminal and SSH into the amazon Mac Instance. If you don’t have the password for the ec2-user, execute the below steps to set a […]

Laravel Eloquent where the field is null or Not null

In this post, we gonna look at using Laravel’s Eloquent ORM and Query Builder methods to query data from the database where the field is null and where the field is not the null scenario. Check if null: whereNull […]

How To Run Powershell Scripts In Jenkins

In this post, we will be configuring Jenkins to execute the PowerShell scripts on Windows. We gonna use Jenkin’s PowerShell plugin to achieve this. Jenkins PowerShell Plugin Integrates with PowerShell by allowing […]

How to create Text File using PowerShell

In this post, we gonna create a Text file using PowerShell. Using the New-Item cmdlet we can create a text file and with the Set-Content cmdlet, we can put content into it. Using get-Content cmdlet we can […]

How to Connect to MySQL database in Slim framework 4

Defining MySQL database connection in the Slim 4 framework is pretty simple. In this slim framework 4 tutorial, we gonna create a project with Slim-Skeleton. If you are looking for Slim Framework 3, follow the link How […]

PowerShell zip files and folder

In the PowerShell window, type in the following command: Make sure to change to the actual path of the file you want to zip and with the location where you want to save the file. Compression Level There are three types […]

How To Create a Fixed Footer

I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face – we are here to solve your problems.ArjunI am Arjun from Hyderabad (India). I have been working as a software […]

svn E020024: Error resolving case of

I got this error due to backslash(\) at the end of the path.

Or you can use forward slash instead of backslash (\) for the output path. I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment […] Protection Status