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Custom Facebook Share Button without FB-OG Tags

Nowadays you can find Facebook “Like” and “Recommend” widgets on every website. One problem I have always found with sharing URLs on Facebook is that you often have no control over the image and […]

How to get Facebook page fan count using PHP ?

It’s pretty easy to obtain the like count via Facebook’s Graph Api.This small code snippet given below uses FaceBook’s graph api and returns the likes count of the page. There is no need to have the FaceBook access […]

How to Use the Facebook API with Codeigniter

This post shows you how to get the sample Facebook application working with the CodeIgniter framework. For PHP Facebook has an PHP Facebook API and it is located on github. This library gives the php developer much more […]

How to Login with Facebook Graph API using PHP?

This is post is about integrating Facebook Connect into any website by using FB’s Graph API. to use Graph API we need to create new application in FB, to create application visit :, […]

Facebook Open Graph META Tags

This post will explain you that how to include social META tags for defining exact titles, description and images for better results. Why should I Use Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags? There is no secret that facebook is […]