How to redirect to previous URL in YII

If you want to get previous URL use blow line of code If you want to redirect to the previous URL use blow line of code That’s it happy coding I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion […]

Yii Framework Tutorial ?

Yii is Open Source PHP Framework. Qiang Xue is the founder of Yii, He started the development of this open source framework on January 1st, 2008. What is Yii? Yii is fast and Easy,efficient and secure framework Yii is […]

How to Create A Custom Widget in Yii Framework ?

Yii is a wonderful framework that gives generated codes for the here I will show you how to create a Custom widget in Yii. Simplest possible way to get a Custom Widget going: Then, in a view, you can instantiate […]

How to Remove index.php in the url of Yii Website?

Usually, when we run a Yii website, the URL will have index.php after the hostname. To remove this in appache web server, we need to enable the mode_rewrite module and should create .htaccess file. To hide index.php from […]

How to Install YII in windows, XAMPP ?

SETP1: Download Latest version of Yii Framewrok from official website ( SETP2: Extract The Giz. SETP3 : OPEN command prompt, type cd / hit enter cd xampp/php hit Enter cd php.ext c:xampphtdocsframeworkyiic […] Protection Status