CodeIgniter – No input file selected on Godaddy,.htaccess

I recently launched a new website on GoDaddy hosting. The website required mod_rewrite for SEO-friendly URLs. The website was Developed using CodeIgniter (PHP Framework).

The web application worked very well in development environment but it generated the error “No Input File Specified” when I uploaded it to GoDaddy Web Hosting.

htaccess Before

htaccess After

After Changing htaccess also, if you encounter the same problem try below things , append ? to index_page config value, and change URI protocol to QUERY_STRING.

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Hi guys, can anyone point out a good answer on how to make a .htaccess in GoDaddy? Coz when I uploaded my files on GoDaddy, a 403 Forbidden error always appear. And I tried almost all tutorials on the web and still not working. Thanks in advance.

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