Dos and Don’ts to write a great blog

The Internet has been and will be an essential tool towards achieving success. More importantly, it has given a wide platform to express the inner creativity. Today’s citizen is an individual and that’s where a blog comes in. A blog offers an individual the voice to make their identity known. While there are many ways to write a blog, there are a few basic dos and don’ts to make a good blog great. Read through these basics and keep the creativity flowing.

What to do

Be yourself: Blogs are foremost a place where someone comes to find new ideas. When writing a blog, it is necessary to let your personality shine through. It is your voice that is being heard, so it’s only right that readers hear your thoughts and opinions. Blogs also let a reader know the writer a little better.

Primary focus: Though it’s perfectly fine to include a variety of ideas on the blog, it helps considerably to focus on one strength. Pick your primary strength and build the blog upon it. This develops a target audience that increases with every knowledgeable post.

Images: Every good article can always be made better with an image. A visual adds more information and strength to the blog post. Keep a note to enhance the writing with an image where possible.

Link it: Linking your article to one of your previous posts or an external website helps to improve the blog’s ranking on a search engine. Additionally, there is more viewership as the information will be well-rounded.

Social media: A blog may contain excellent posts, but the knowledge is lost without sharing it. These posts could have immediate attention when putting up on various social media like Facebook and Twitter. Your friends will never have a problem finding your blog.

Comments on blog: Good posts always invite good comments and occasionally criticism. Responding to these comments will make the blogger more relatable to readers, thereby retaining viewership.

What not to do

Article length: Make sure the word count justifies the scope of the article. Similarly, avoid writing long paragraphs, which makes it hard for readers to stay focused. Smaller paragraphs make the points more visible while conveying the message. Smaller articles, on the other hand, contain necessary information without filling the space with time-consuming lines.

Grammatical errors: Any blog or article with grammatical errors take longer to understand and reduces its seriousness. Typos can be corrected immediately or later, but grammar mistakes should be avoided if you want your blog to do well. Let the readers focus on your knowledge rather than the article’s poor grammar.

Number of posts: Have a good idea of how regular your posts should be or how many per day. It’s important to stick to this goal as all expectations cannot be realistically met. The idea is to have great posts rather than a larger number.

Negative posts: Having great information for your target audience is not enough if negative comments are taken badly. The blog is your opinion, but there is always room for improvement and responding to criticism positively is a plus.

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