Can You Earn Money From Blogs Without Using Google Adsense?

The answer is yes. If you have a blog and are looking to earn some money through means other than Adsense, we have some solutions for you.

Google Adsense may be the best way to earn money from blogs. But it isn’t the only method available to bloggers. Consider you have your own blog and you’re not earning as much as you’ve hoped from Adsense. Add to that the recent strict guidelines that you need to adhere to if you do not want your account to be deleted. On the other hand, you might also want to multiply your earnings with alternate money making strategies in addition to Adsense. This is where you can find out more about these. Read on.

Can You Earn Money From Blogs Without Using Google Adsense?

1.Legitimate Alternatives To Adsense:

Day after day, getting a Google Adsense account is proving tougher with the sheer amount of blogs on the web. So, do not depend on it exclusively. Income from blogs is almost as good with affiliate programs and alternate networks that pay per click, similar to Adsense. Check if the service or product on your blog has an affiliate program or alternate network. These include BidVertiser, (Yahoo! Bing network), Clicksor, RevenueHits, Infolinks, Superlinks, Viglink, and others.

You earn a commission by selling other’s products while you choose a service or product of your choice. Promote the right products on your blog to maximize the benefits.

2.Direct Ads:

Maybe you have your own service or product to sell. They include web designing, software, SEO services and others. You can cut away any third parties and advertise them yourself. Note that this method requires a healthy traffic to your blog. Revenue depends on the number of products sold. Placing direct ads can attract advertisers showing similar products on the blog. You can identify such advertisers by exploring blogs similar to yours. Direct advertising, sponsored reviews and banner ads can significantly increase your earnings from the blog.

Now that you know the secrets to earning some extra income from your blog, we wish you happy blogging.

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5 years ago is interesting article.

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manoj bharadwaj
4 years ago

Its so incomplete, dull, empty and waste of time
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