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Genuine ways to stay motivated

Success and achievement have different meanings for different people. In the quest for money, good jobs, top positions and materialistic possessions, we sometimes forget where the journey began. If money is a means to an end, then jobs give nothing but that. However, for the true achievement of your goals, your job must be able to keep you motivated.

The most genuine ways to stay motivated are not written in a textbook. They are hidden in the experiences of success stories around us. These inspirational lines are from one such story.

Plan less

Anyone with a goal would first make a 10-year plan on how to grab the next top job. Have you ever considered that life is unpredictable? Over thinking may just complicate the days ahead, clogging your days until you crash. Should I? Should I not? Do something different and plan just enough to have sight of your goal. But, stay away from that inner voice that demands, “what if?”

Break barriers

We tend to confine ourselves to stereotypes for the satisfaction of the naysayers around us. If you are an average student or even a bad student for that matter, success is not defined by becoming an engineer or a doctor alone. Your failures are your opportunities to widen your thinking, identify those hidden talents and step up to those strengths. In these times of social media, finding support for your talent is not difficult.

Meet people

Staying connected not only keeps your business growth but also keeps you motivated. Every new connection and every fresh opportunity is a boost to your career, not to mention your confidence. Regular connections also remind you of where you want to see yourself.

Cherish small successes

Each time you move ahead, even if it is an inch, it is important. It is necessary to cherish these because the journey to success is just as important as success itself. Although the ultimate vision is big, one must always remember their small beginnings and celebrate the small successes.

Appreciate low moments

Your low moments are profound in the way they shape your destiny. Appreciate these moments for they take you from fear to confidence before you know it. It is in these very moments that you feel frightened, but if you think about it, also find the best solutions. This is where you consider what your critics said. Probably, those very critics will motivate you to action.

Do what you love

Starting the journey towards your dream is scary. But, all you need is the first step and the fear is gone. To be genuinely motivated in life, you have to do what you love. Do not work because someone told you to, work because you want to.

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