How to set Cron Jobs in PHP ?

Cron job is scheduling some tasks with in regular interval on server.To setup cron job we must know about the cron tab commonds and shell access to remote server. generally every hosting providers provide some programs like cPanel. Here we run a cron job that runs every minutes automatically without corn tab unix / linux demon or without any external programs.

Generally Cron job will run at least four hours gap on cPanel or Plesk ,so it is not possible to setup cron job every minute unless you have crontab demon on server , SSH account on server. Here we write a simple php script that calls itself at every minute.

Remember this cron job runs with curl php extension.

To stop this cron job simple remove the file from server.

With this script we don’t need

      SSH /SFTP account
      No need of learning cron tab commons.
      No script php exec permissions.
      No need to turn off php safe mode.

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