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How to use Lifecycle Management rules of Azure Blob

Azure has a built-in feature to change the Access tier from Hot to Cool. Along with this feature, Azure has other options like moving to Archive Storage, Deleting Blob.

Below are the steps to set up the rule(s).

  1. Login to Azure portal
  2. Create blob storage or go to the existing blog storage.
  3. On the left menu of the blob storage, find a menu item called “Lifecycle Management” under the “Blob Service” heading.
  4. Once opening the “Lifecycle Management” page, It will display the already created rules if there are any exist. To set up a new rule(s) click on Add rule button and that page will be as shown below.

Give a name to the rule, select and configure available rules as you needed, then click on “Next: Filter set” and select the Container(s). If you want to apply for the entire blob, just create a rule that doesn’t select a container, By default, a rule will apply to the entire storage account.

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