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How to install the management plugin, RabbitMQ

By default, RabbitMQ does not embed a web-based management console but offers it as an optional plugin. This management console makes it very easy to peek into a running RabbitMQ instance, so we definitely want to have it installed from the get-go.

The Debian package has installed several scripts, one of them being rabbitmqplugins, whose purpose is to allow the installation and removal of plugins. Let’s use it to install the management plugin as follows:

$ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management

Yes, it is that easy! As invited by the installer, we need to restart RabbitMQ as follows:

$ sudo service rabbitmq-server restart

Using your favorite web browser, you can now reach the home page of the management console by navigating to http://:15672 as shown in the following screenshot:

RabbitMQ management plugin

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