Laravel 5 – SHA1 encryption instead of BCrypt

Recently I have migrated core PHP application to the Laravel5 framework. The old application used SHA1 encryption so I have implemented Hashing contracts of laravel5 to use SHA1 instead of BCrypt.

SHA1 encryption instead of BCrypt

Create Directories in app called “Libraries\ShaHash” and create a file called SHAHasher.php and place below code in it.

make($value) === $hashedValue;

     * Check if the given hash has been hashed using the given options.
     * @param  string  $hashedValue
     * @param  array   $options
     * @return bool
    public function needsRehash($hashedValue, array $options = array()) {
        return false;


Then create a service provider class(App\Providers) file called ShaHashServiceProvider.php and register your service as shown below.

app->singleton('hash', function () {
			return new SHAHasher;

Then add our new service provider to providers array in config/app.php. and also remove default hash provider.


That is it.

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