MySQL max function

In this tutorial you will learn how to get maximum value from the specified column of table using MySQL’s max() function. We can easily use max function with select statement. You can also use Max function with the Having and group by clauses.

syntax of Max function

Mysql – Max() function examples

For example if we have a table called emp_salary with id,name,salary columns. This table stores salaries of employees with their names.

To get the height salary in from ’emp_salary’ table, you use the following query:

To get the Nth highest salary from ’emp_salary’ table , you use the following query:

n would be the nth item you would want to return

MySQL MAX with GROUP BY – Example

For example lets assume if you want to get maximum take home salaries of each employee in the overall year along with name. to get the required data you use the MAX function with the GROUP BY clause in a SELECT statement, as below shown:


The MySQL HAVING clause is used in combination with the GROUP BY clause to restrict the groups of returned rows to only those whose the condition is TRUE. Let assume that if you want to get the employee name along with maximum drowns salaries are greater than ‘10000’ rupees.

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