PHP7 – Group use Declarations

PHP 7 is improved current PHP namespace implementation by introducing the concept of Group Use. This is the one of the coolest improvement to namespaces in PHP7. Group use Declarations are more readable and makes it easier to import classes, constants and functions in a concise way.

Group use declarations give the ability to import multiple structures from a common namespace and cuts a good level of verbosity in most cases. Group use declarations makes it easier to identify that multiple imported entities belong to the same module.

// Pre PHP 7 code
use some\namespace\ClassA;
use some\namespace\ClassB;
use some\namespace\ClassC as C;
use function some\namespace\fn_a;
use function some\namespace\fn_b;
use function some\namespace\fn_c;
use const some\namespace\ConstA;
use const some\namespace\ConstB;
use const some\namespace\ConstC;
// PHP 7+ code
use some\namespace\{ClassA, ClassB, ClassC as C};
use function some\namespace\{fn_a, fn_b, fn_c};
use const some\namespace\{ConstA, ConstB, ConstC};

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