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How to prevent sleeping at work

At the workplace, you want to get the work done and those targets achieved. Come next appraisal, you absolutely need your boss to give you a glowing feedback along with that satisfying rating. Is that right? Reality crashes down on your head the next time you return from lunch and sit before your computer. All you want is a comfortable bed and pillow. You cannot possibly let the boss catch you falling asleep at the desk.

So, we have all devised many ways to sleep with our eyes wide open. Alas, our brains are still asleep. That means work is getting delayed to the evening. One might think staying late is working hard. Colleagues wonder if you are trying to get extra work done. But, what about the unfinished targets? More delays pile up the work until you are doing everything at once. Instead of working late and compromising on quality, let us find ways to stay awake and alert.

How can we prevent sleeping at work? This is how.

Get sunlight

Just like how your body is tuned to wake up in the morning with the sun, you will rise up to the occasion with a little sunlight. Turn your seat towards the sun. If that is not possible, go for a walk in the afternoon sunlight. It is bound to wake you up once the light hits the eye.

Move it

Sleep is prevented if you keep those hands and legs moving. Whenever you feel the eyes getting heavy or your concentration slipping, take a short break. Go outside and call someone, talking while you walk. Have a sip of water at the distant water cooler. Better still, stretch your body and try to make your fingers touch the ceiling if possible.

Cold splash

You might have used this trick once or twice. Just splash cold water on to your face. The chill should shock your brain into alertness. Not just that, anything cold will help wake you up. If you sit too close to the air conditioner, remove the sweater and get colder. It will make your body less comfortable and lets you think no more about sleeping.

Smell that

Have few selected pungent aromas ready for your nose the next time those yawns decide to visit. These need not only be unpleasant but can actually smell very good. The smell of lemon is a good choice to stay awake if you are looking for an inexpensive option. You can smell coffee too. It is quite the ‘wake-me-up’.

Music for the brain

Many like listening to music when they work. It does more than energize you, it can also keep you awake when you did not sleep enough after the long hours of yesterday. Listen to music that has enough instrumentals and rhythm to keep that foot tapping. Just make sure the headphones are on and the music is not too loud.

Embrace green

Add more green to your workplace. Having plants at your desk help keep away the sleep at unnecessary times. Place small plants with large leaves that not only add color to your place but bring a sense of peace. Green tea is an energizer, which wakes up the mind and metabolism at one go.

Distract and focus

When it is difficult to focus, it is better to find a hobby that you like. Engaging in something you are interested in would bring you bring concentration back, helping you focus more on the next task. Many use video games as a stress buster. It can also be used to concentrate. Other have animated conversations to help them wake up. If you are postponing your favorite hobby, like writing a blog, now is the time to do it.

Power nap

Companies across the world have come to recognize the ‘power’ in a power-nap. Employees benefit tremendously from just 5 – 20 minutes of deep undisturbed sleep. It makes a person wake up feeling instantly alert, ready to complete the day’s work. Productivity levels are at an all-time high once the method is implemented. In case you do not have the facility to nap, try closing your eyes and take deep slow breaths. Deep breaths have a reviving effect on the mind. Breathe slowly in through the nose until your lungs are full and let it out equally slowly through the mouth. It helps control thoughts of sleeping.

Implement any of these and wake up to a new day. Everything said and done, one should never ignore the importance of a healthy night’s sleep. With enough sleep, coping with sleep attacks at work should be relatively easy.

I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face - we are here to solve your problems.

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