Redirect back to original destination after login in Laravel

In this post i want to show you some basic tips for redirecting user back to original destination path or some defined path with simple steps.

If you want to send user to previous original destination URL after login.Laravel stores and updates the each entry page in the Session,so as soon as a login is successful, you can do

just in case the intended is not available at the moment, we can set redirect URL.

And you can change the original intended by setting a new one using Session

Once you have authenticated the user using Auth::check() you’ll be able to grab the authenticated user with Auth::user(). so based on Auth::user() data you can redirect user to user specific page.

Here is the simple way of redirecting.

That’s it. Thanks you! Happy coding…..

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Where do you write “return Redirect::intended();”? in the AuthController? I have protected $redirectTo = ‘/’; Do i need to delete this line first? Thanks a lot

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