ROR – How to update email of user when using devise gem?

If you update user email address when you are using device gem, it will be stored in the unconfirmed_email column and it will trigger email by asking confirmation with a confirmation link. If you want to override this behavior you can do that, by calling skip_reconfirmation!.

To skip only the reconfirmation email notification use: skip_confirmation_notification!

To confirm user manually you can use: confirm.

H3>Example Script

         user = ser.where(:email => params[:email]).first = params[:email];
         user.first_name = params[:first_name];
         user.last_name = params[:last_name];
         user.country_code = params[:country_code];
         user.phone_number = params[:phone_number];
         user.date_of_birth = params[:date_of_birth];

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