How to use Lifecycle Management rules of Azure Blob

Azure has a built-in feature to change the Access tier from Hot to Cool. Along with this feature, Azure has other options like moving to Archive Storage, Deleting Blob. Below are the steps to set up the rule(s). Login to Azure portal Create blob storage or go to the existing blog storage. On the left […]


How to configure allowed IP Address in Azure SQL firewall

In this post, I would like to show how you can configure the Azure SQL firewall settings. By configuring the firewall settings, you can allow connections from a specific IP address(IP ranges) to your Azure SQL database. Login to your Azure portal and navigate to your SQL server page. Once you are on the SQL […]


How to Access Azure REST APIs with Node JS.

In this post, I will show you can access the Azure REST APIs. In order to access the Azure APIs, we need following details- tenant ID, client ID(application ID), client secret and subscription ID. So let’s grab all the above-mentioned details from your Azure portal. Lets login to the Azure portal by visiting How […]