10 Interesting Ways To Write Better Than You Did Yesterday

Whether you write every day or open a blank document when you have a brainwave, you can always improve upon the writer that you were yesterday. To write better each day, writers can discard commonly made mistakes, saving time. One also needs to get rid of their writer’s block in simple, effective ways. Here are some interesting ways you can better your writing skills.

1.Record Your Ideas First:

No one is at their best all their waking hours. A great idea could pop into your mind during a relaxed conversation with a friend. It is best to jot down such an idea for later work. This saves time and effort one makes in reminiscing about that great idea that is only half remembered. Alternately, you can simply record your voice on your cell phone and replay it later.

10 Interesting Ways To Write Better Than You Did Yesterday

2.Talk To Yourself And Your Readers:

Most people enjoy reading something that seems to talk to them directly. Before you begin writing, review your article’s goal with a little self-talk. Take this talk forward with an easy worded document. Relate your readers to the words through one or two personal examples of how they would react to similar situations.

3.Narrate A Story:

Writing can be general or it can be very specific to the topic. Weave little stories of specifics, which will draw the readers to the document at hand. Choose to write about something you’re comfortable with and take the path of a storyline. These are fun to read and simple to write, minimizing mistakes.

4.Avoid Distracting Sentences:

When writing something, one needs to avoid long, rambling sentences. They distract from the main topic. Also, avoid putting down ideas that prove to take readers on a tangent. These distract too.

5. Provide Informative Links Instead:

If there is a need to explain a certain idea in detail, you can provide informative links beside the lines or paragraphs. They make the article both specific and helpful.

6.Question First, Explain Later:

One quick way of improving upon your writing skills is to ask questions at the beginning. Start with a well-directed question and expand the idea as you write. One has an enormous scope to explore the various answers to the questions asked while appearing natural.

7.Keep The Point In Focus:

Any good writer always keeps the point of their writing in focus. Get to the article’s point quickly, avoiding too many explanations. What do you want the reader to think or know? Ask this to yourself and make a note of it constantly as you write.

8.Write When You’re Inspired:

We all have our less than energetic moments. However, it is best to sit down with that blank document when your mind is in a pretty place. Positive, inspiring thoughts give you plenty of direction to your writing needs. Alternately, do something you enjoy before you write.

9.Time Your Writing:

One easy way to write better than you did yesterday is to have a time limit. Do not think about the write-up endlessly. It would just mislead the words on a tangent, missing the point. Set an end time and improve on the first draft rather than writing several drafts.

10.Read Your Writing Aloud:

Reading out your writing is a quick way to proofread the words. It saves time in reading the same sentence twice or thrice. It would also cut through extremely long sentences. Just ensure you’re not disturbing your neighbors while at it.

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