Zend Framework 2 installation on Xampp ?

In this tutorial i will cover the ZF2 installation on xampp for windows operating system.

1.First you need to download and install xampp server from apachefriends

2.Download and install GIT from Download GIT

3.Download and install Composer from Composer Download

4.Now go to c:xampphtdocs the create a folder called zf2(you can change) right click on it and choose Git Bash. one new command prompt window will open.

5.Enter this address git clone git://github.com/zendframework/ZendSkeletonApplication.git and press Enter button.


Next, press Shift + right click on ZendSkeletonApplication folder and choose Open command prompt Here.

Enter this address C:xamppphpphp.exe composer.phar self-update and press Enter.

Enter this address C:xamppphpphp.exe composer.phar install and press Enter.


Open httpd-vhosts.conf file from C:xamppapacheconfextra and add this code:

Open host file from C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and add this code: www.ZendSkeletonApplication.dev

Next, open you browser and enter this address: www.ZendSkeletonApplication.dev

I hope this tutorial helps you please don’t forget to give us your feedback in comments.

I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face - we are here to solve your problems.

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Niel Shine
Niel Shine
5 years ago


When I run the command

c:xamppphpphp.exe composer.phar self-update

if get following error
could not open input file composer.phar

how can I resolve it ?

Maha Lakshmy Mani
Maha Lakshmy Mani
2 years ago

Great…. It works…. Thanks for your post…….

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