Exponentiation operator (**) in JavaScript

The exponentiation operator was introduced in ECMAScript 2016, ** is used to denote this operator. It accepts base on its left-hand side and exponent on its right-hand side, respectively. Syntax var1 ** var2 Prior to exponentiation […]

JavaScript ES6 Destructuring in Depth

Destructuring is alluring language feature, I’ve been using the most. Destructuring is provides a convenient way of extracting multiple values from the objects, Arrays, Map and Set. For better and easy understanding, […]

How to Delete a File in Node JS

The following tutorial will describe how to delete files that you no longer need, deleting files using node js extremely simple with node js’s fs library. Note: There is no way of undoing deleted files, just keep […]

Creating a RESTful API with Express js, Node js/MySQl

Do you want to create a RESTful API with NodeJS/Express Js framework? Here is the tutorial, by reading this tutorial you can create our own REST api application server. Nowadays, it’s quite common to create web and […]

Laravel download files via FTP

This post is going to be about downloading files from remote server via FTP mechanism in your Laravel application. Let’s create a controller called DownloadController.php

How to handle cookies in Express JS?

Cookies are very useful to store small piece of web application data and cookies are stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Express uses the same methods, Cookies, […]

Enabling HTTPS for Express.js application

By using HTTPS protocol we increase the security of your application, SSL mechanism will encrypt the connection between you and your application server, data will be travel in secure layer. To use SSL certificates in your […]

Express js optimize performance with GZIP Compression

You can improve speed and save bandwidth by using GZIP compression in your express js application. GZIP actually decreases the downloadable amount of data for user request. Without GZIP compression, when you request a […]

Express js optimize performance with clusters

You can increase the performance of your Express.js application by using clusters. Cluster is a native core library from node.js which allows you to implement a network of multiple processes. Usually an node js process […]

NPM top commands

Just like composer from PHP ,RubyGems from Ruby ,pip from Python, Maven from Java, NuGet from Microsoft Node.js also has a package manager, Node Package Manager (NPM). NPM Commands Here is the list of commonly used top […]

How to generate deep link with PHP

Branch is providing deep linking SDK by using it we can generate deep links for web, IOS and Android. This deep links provides seamless experience for mobile users especially. The coolest thing, which generate smart deep […]