Selection styling with CSS

One of the little known styling options is selection text styling with in the browser.Yes, it is possible to define color, background and text-shadow for text the user selects. The double colon :: CSS pseudo-element is […]

How to Centre a DIV Block Using CSS?

This post is About Centering A div Block Using Css, To Center a Div Block , you need to set left-margin and right-margin either in pixels or em or percentage units. For example if you have a div with class name container, […]

Useful CSS Generators List

Below is a list of some CSS generators that will help make your life as a web designer much easier. 1. CSS3 Generator My favorite, the CSS3 generator will allow you to create virtually every CSS3 feature out there (box […]

IE Fix: IE7 text-indent bug in CSS ?

When Making links with Background images to keep text visible to search engines or text-to-speech applications we use Text indent about large negative values to hide the anchor Text We Give . It works on all major browser […]

Cross browser Unselectable text Using Css?

In some special situations need to disable Text Selecting(copying) on webpage. we can achieve this with JavaScript and CSS, below is the CSS trick. I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion […] Protection Status