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Cascading Dropdown List in CodeIgniter

In this post, I will show very simple and powerful approach to create cascading dropdowns in your CodeIgniter application. Cascading drop-down? A cascading dropdown list is a series of dependent dropdown list controls […]

DomPDF Library using Codeigniter 3

In this tutorial we will discus about how to generate PDF using DOMPDF with Codeigniter Framework version 3 and composer(PHP dependency manager). From the authors of Dompdf – Dompdf is an HTML to PDF converter. At […]

how to get the CI’s base url in JavaScript

I received a tutorial requests from my reader that asked to me how to access CI’s base url inside the JavaScript/external JavaScript files. Editing base url of the project after each and very deployment is very frustrating […]

Codeigniter – Save config data in database

In this post I would like to show you saving config data in database in your CodeIgniter application. And I will show you ,How you can get these data when you need to use in your project. To achieve this you are going […]

Saving Session Data to a Database in CodeIgniter3

CodeIgniter natively support storing session in database. You do not need to do any changes in code, just few configuration and it will work. Storing session data in the database will increase the security of the application. […]

Uploading file via FTP using CodeIgniter

We are going to discuss about how to upload files to remote server in CodeIgniter using CI’s FTP library. This library has limitations – SFTP and SSL FTP protocols are not supported, only standard FTP. CodeIgniter’s […]

PHP Variables to JavaScript Variables in CodeIgniter

Often, you’ll find yourself in situations, where you want to pass some server-side string/array/whatever to your JavaScript. Traditionally, this can be a bit of a pain – especially as your app grows. “Transform […]

CodeIgniter _remap function?

CodeIgniter permits you to override its default routing behavior through the use of the _remap() function. As you already knew the second segment of the URI typically determines with function is in the controller get called […]

File Upload using Uplodify in Codeigniter?

In this Codeigniter tutorial i will show you how to use Uplodify(HTML5 or Flash Multiple File Upload jQuery Plugin Script) in your CodeIgniter application. If you are new to uploadify feel free to read about Uploadify […]

How to retrieve data from database in CodeIgniter?

In this CodeIgniter tutorial , i will show you how to fetch data from database using model ,view, controller approach. As usually we need need to setup database connection in order to perform actions like select,insert,delete,update..etc […]

Error reporting handling in Codeigniter

CodeIgniter default environment is development and so error reporting by default in turn on state, if you want to turn off reporting then change the environment value(in the top of the main index.php) to production or […]

How to JOIN Tables in Codeigniter

I am gonna use CodeIgniter’s active record class to generate Join Queries in this tutorial. Because by using AR class we can write complex joins very easily and a major benefit to using the Active Record features […]

Insert multiple rows with CodeIgniter

In this post i will show you how to insert multiple rows in CodeIgniter by using CI’s active records library. CI active record has a function insert_batch().By using this function we can insert multiple rows with […] Protection Status