Web Notifications API

Web notifications API was designed to display END user notifications(desktop notifications), which allows alerting the user outside the context of a web page. This API is really very useful to show real time notifications […]

Convert Currency using Google Finance in PHP ?

In this post i am going to write about Converting Currency using Google Finance Using php Scripting Language, we Can Convert Currency using Google finance very easily it will take 3 inputs namely from,to,amount, along […]

List of top tutorials on how to create an API With PHP?

List of top tutorials on how to create an API With php? Creating a RESTful API with PHP(2013) Creating an API-Centric Web Application(2011) Create a RESTful API in less than 5 minutes(2010) Create a REST API with PHP(2009) […]

Create Bit.ly Short URLs Using PHP?

One of the more popular and powerful URL shortening services is Bit.ly. Bitly offers simple and powerful API to generate short URL. To use this API you have to signup for an API key. Bitly offers it free for it’s […]

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