Laravel 5 – SHA1 encryption instead of BCrypt

Recently I have migrated core PHP application to Laravel5 framework. Old application used SHA1 encryption so I have implemented Hashing contracts of laravel5 to use SHA1 instead of BCrypt. Create Directories in “app” […]

Laravel 5 – Prevent Browser back button after Logout

In this post I would like to share a simple Laravel5 Middleware which prevent going back to previous protected page after Logout by hitting the back button on your Browser. When you hit the browser back button after logout, […]

How to add custom class in Laravel 5

In this tutorial I will show you how to add custom class in Laravel 5. For example my class name is Common.php. Now create a directory called Mylibs in app directory(app/Mylibs). Place your custom class in created directory […]

Laravel 5 Maintenance Mode

Enabling and disabling maintenance mode in Laravel 5 is simple, you just need to issue following artisan commands – To enable maintenance mode php artisan down. To disable maintenance mode php artisan up. That is […] Protection Status