PHP 7 – Closure

Another cool new future in PHP 7 allows to bind a closure to a specific object on run-time with the addition of Closure->call() function. This method takes the object as it’s first argument, followed by any arguments […]

PHP7 – Group use Declarations

PHP 7 is improved current PHP namespace implementation by introducing the concept of Group Use. This is the one of the coolest improvement to namespaces in PHP7. Group use Declarations are more readable and makes it easier […]

PHP7 – PHP Constants Containing Arrays

You can define a constant by using the define() function or by using the const keyword outside a class definition as of PHP 5.3.0. Once a constant is defined, it can never be changed or undefined. Only scalar data (Boolean, […]

PHP 7 – PHP 4-Style Constructors are Deprecated

PHP 4 constructors were preserved in PHP 5 alongside the new __construct().PHP 4 constructors are methods that have the same name as the class they are defined in. Now, PHP 4-style constructors are being deprecated in […]

PHP7 – Removed alternative PHP tags

The alternative PHP tags <% (and <%=), %>, <script language=”php”>, and </script> have been removed in PHP7. Additionally the asp_tags ini directive is removed. Trying to enable asp_tags […]

php7 <=> spaceship operator

Spaceship operator() also know as Combined Comparison Operator. Basically this operator will offer combined comparison means, it will do greater-than, less-than and equal comparisons between two operands.Below are the […]