Sending Emails With PHPMailer using GoDaddy SMTP Settings

In this post I just want to show you how to send emails using PHPMailer with GoDaddy SMTP details.

Godaddy requires you to utilize their SMTP relay servers to send emails from third party clients. To prevent spam, GoDaddy allowing 250 SMTP relays per day. This lets you send 250 emails from your email address on a daily basis. If you want to send more than 250 emails a day , then you need to Purchase more SMTP relay depending on your needs.

GoDaddy uses email spoofing protection using DKIM email verification system, so if you want to use GoDaddy’s SMTP settings outside the domain for example localhost, SMTP settings does not work. To Make it work you need to set Local Domain ex: $mail->DKIM_domain = '';.

Below is the complete example:

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  • Shivakumar C Bellubbi

    hello Arjun,
    i facing issue sending mail from codeigniter mail from godaddy server.. can you plz help to solve this the error i getting is ” fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

    Filename: libraries/Email.php”

    • Can I get your email confirmations. Is your host is right?

  • Joseph Chua

    Receive this error:

    SMTP connect() failed.

    Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed.

  • Joseph Chua

    What email should I use for SMTP?

    • Didn’t get you? Can you provide more information.

  • Niraj patel

    it is showing Connection refused (111).what i have to do in it.

    • is your SMTP credentials were correct, try to connect using different port

  • Shany Mathew

    sent emails using emails,but that is not getting in sent items

    • If you send emails using SMTP credentials, that emails will not appear in sent Itmes

      • Shany Mathew

        how can put emails in sent items?

  • chandra kanth

    how to config email in config folder in codeigniter using phpmailer

  • chandra kanth

    when i am using this type i am writing multiple times in to config email in config folder in codeigniter using phpmailer and how to load this in program

  • radha

    Hi arjun,

    I am struggling to send email from godaddy with zend 2 framework.Mails working from my local but from server showing “connection refuesed”. I tried gmail,office365 credentials.
    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Sobia Parveen

    i am not able to send email..its shows HTTP ERROR is not working

  • Sobia Parveen

    Mailer Error: Message body empty

  • Sobia Parveen

    thanku so much..its works 🙂 Protection Status