PHP 7.1 – Symmetric array destructuring

In this post, I will show you how you can use the new Symmetric array destructuring feature of PHP7.1 version. In the previous version of PHP, we used list method to destructure arrays for assignments. The shorthand array […]

Remove specific value from array using php?

This post shows the possible ways to remove specific element from array based on value of the element. Removing specific value Using array_diff() Using this method we can remove one or more elements where using other methods […]

How to generate excel from the array using PHPExcel

This tutorial will describe the usage of the PHPExcel library to generate an Excel file from a PHP array. Usage of PHPExcel library is very simple and easy. Just follow the below steps. Similar Posts CodeIgniter 4 – […]

Logging an Array in Laravel5

In this post, I am going show logging arrays and viewing logged items in the terminal in a very generic way. For this tutorial purpose, we are using laravel 5 and you can use these techniques with any framework. Logging […] Protection Status