How to create your own controller plugin in ZF2?

Our step-by-step guide explains how you can create your own controller plugin in zf2.Fortunately creating controller plugin is very easy task. Create a directory called plugin in your module controller directory, then […]

How to Send HTML Mail Using Zend Framework 2 (ZF2)

ZendMail provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart email messages. Mail can be sent with ZendMail via the MailTransportSendmail, MailTransportSmtp or the MailTransportFile […]

How to redirect to 404 page in zend Framework 2

The Zend framework automatically does this if the user selected route doesn’t exists. Although in some situations like getting data from database where the route is valid , but response is 404 (row not exits or may be […]

How to Create,Get,Check Sessions in Zend Framework 2?

In GF2 in order to use Sessions we should use this use ZendSessionContainer; class. This class Container extends of ArrayObject and instantiates with ARRAY_AS_PROPS flag that means you can easily iterate through properties […]

How to compress html output in zend framework 2 ?

Today’s post is About HTML Output Compression, we can reduce 10-20% load on the server by compressing the HTML output(bandwidth save, faster page loading) we can easily compress the html Output in zend framework […] Protection Status