How to Import and Export MySQL Databases

Export Database To export a database, open up the terminal, making sure that you are not logged into MySQL, and execute the below command with database details.

The selected database in […]

MySQL Sub Queries

I this post I would like to write about sub queries. A Sub-query is also a query, which is defined under a main query and embedded within the WHERE clause . It always sends a value to its nearest main query. Sub-query […]

MySQL IF Function

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MySQL IF function. MySQL IF function is one of the MySQL control flow functions that returns a value based on a condition. The IF function is sometimes referred to as IF ELSE […]

MySQL LOWER() and UPPER() Functions

You can use either the MySQL UPPER() or LOWER() functions to format columns in your SQL SELECT statements or you can use these functions in conjunction with the other functions to accomplish different types of formatting. […]

How to connect to MySQL database in CodeIgniter?

Yesterday someone asked me to make a tutorial about Connecting to Database in CodeIgniter Framework. In order to make connection to database in Ci , we need to do only few configuration changes in your database.php config […]

How do i Query to Count Last 3 Days Recourds in MySQL?

One of my new Project, I need to Display Latest Updates of last 3 days. With MySQL’s date_add we can achieve result, see the below example.

Note that I’m using a negative date value. […]

PHP Function to get data from MySQL Database?

Data retrieving is vital in Web Applications, so in this post i am going to write about Data Retrieving function in PHP From MySQL Database. There are several options are available to fetch data from MySQL Database Using […]

MySQL With Handling Duplicates ?

This post explains, how to prevent the duplicate occurrence in the table and how to deal with already existed duplicate records. we can private duplicate record occurrence in the table with the use of primary key and Unique […] Protection Status