Uploading Directories At Once With webkitdirectory

We can use webkitdirectory to allow uploading an entire folder or folders of files without selecting each file manually. webkitdirectory webkitdirectory is a non-standard attribute that allows users to pick a directory […]

Phone Number Validation with HTML5

In order to improve the security of the application, you should follow one of the fundamental principle called “Never trust user input data“. It is very important to add validation to the forms before submitting […]

Custom Facebook Share Button without FB-OG Tags

Nowadays you can find Facebook “Like” and “Recommend” widgets on every website. One problem I have always found with sharing URLs on Facebook is that you often have no control over the image and […]

Facebook Open Graph META Tags

This post will explain you that how to include social META tags for defining exact titles, description and images for better results. Why should I Use Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags? There is no secret that facebook is […]

How to Centre a DIV Block Using CSS?

This post is About Centering A div Block Using Css, To Center a Div Block , you need to set left-margin and right-margin either in pixels or em or percentage units. For example if you have a div with class name container, […]

HTML5 Force Download

When you link to a file like an image or a PDF-document it will be displayed within the browser normally. The download-attribute in links prevents this behavior and offers the file as a download in your browser. In html5 […]

PHP Redirection script

In this programming tutorial, you will learn page Redirection using PHP. you can use header() function in PHP or use meta to redirect to a new page you want or redirect to another website. using header() function:


How to Display Confirm box when clicking a Link?

We always use Confirm Box while Deleting Data, Confirm Box is vary useful to confirm use Actions on the web, fortunately we can fire Confirm Box with minimal Script, just add onClick() attribute and little javaScript. […]

Automatically Refresh a Page Using META Tag

Using the below simple html markup , you can auto refresh or reload the page. The following refreshes the page every 60 seconds.

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