Remove specific value from array using php?

This post shows the possible ways to remove specific element from array based on value of the element. Removing specific value Using array_diff() Using this method we can remove one or more elements where using other methods […]

Reading RSS Feed with PHP

This article shows how to read RSS feeds using php script. If you are reading this post you might know about RSS feeds and it’s benefits. It is good to display your blog feeds as like recent articles list to keep […]

Add text to an image with PHP

In this post I would like to show how you can add text to an image with PHP, GD Library. In this post, we will use an existing image and we will write text on it.The imagettftext() function will be used to write the text […]

Zero Padded Numbers with php?

Today I got a situation where I need automatically zero filled number. I realized it could be done much str_pad. The reason I am writing this post is, I just want to share with my readers. str_pad — Pad a string to a […]

Flatten Nested Arrays Using PHP

In this post I would like to share with you code snippet, which you can use to flatten nested array into one array with string keys with dot notation. This function takes nested array as input. While working with laravel […]

How to Comment Your PHP Code?

PHP allows three different methods of formatting comments. Comments are generally known as single line and multiple line Comments.A comment in PHP code is a line that is not read as part of the program. Its only purpose […]

PHP Design Pattern – Singleton pattern

Knowing about Design patters is very essential in software designing and development, here in this post i am gonna write about singleton pattern, basically it is commonly used most useful well know pattern, it allows(create) […]

PHP Multidimensional Array Searching

This post is about Multidimensional Array Searching , there is no builtin function in PHP to search Multidimensional Array, we can write our own function using recursive procedure. Here is the Simple recursive function […]

Php CodeIgniter Server Side Form Validation Example

Today we are going to learn more about server side validation using php codeigniter framework.Follow the below steps to do the server side validations. Server side validation is most secure way than client side validation, […]

Convert Currency using Google Finance in PHP ?

In this post i am going to write about Converting Currency using Google Finance Using php Scripting Language, we Can Convert Currency using Google finance very easily it will take 3 inputs namely from,to,amount, along […]

How do i Query to Count Last 3 Days Recourds in MySQL?

One of my new Project, I need to Display Latest Updates of last 3 days. With MySQL’s date_add we can achieve result, see the below example. Note that I’m using a negative date value. You can use a positive date value […]

PHP Function to get data from MySQL Database?

Data retrieving is vital in Web Applications, so in this post i am going to write about Data Retrieving function in PHP From MySQL Database. There are several options are available to fetch data from MySQL Database Using […]