MySQL Sub Queries

I this post I would like to write about sub queries. A Sub-query is also a query, which is defined under a main query and embedded within the WHERE clause . It always sends a value to its nearest main query. Sub-query […]

Serving static files with Node JS

During the front-end development to serve static files such as images, CSS files, and JavaScript files you require the web servers. and as of now you used Apache or Nginx etc servers to server files. Installing HTTP servers […]

JavaScript Promise API

Promises can replace the asynchronous use of callbacks, and they provide several benefits over them. Basic Promise Usage A new Promise is created with the new Promise() constructor and the promise provides resolve and […]

JavaScript const keyword

In my previous post I wrote about let keyword, in this post I would like to write about another new ECMAScript 6 keyword, const. There is no much difference between const and let, both works similar way , both are having […]

JavaScript let keyword

In this tutorial I will introduce you to new ECMAScript 6 let keyword. Variables declared with let keyword behave like other languages variables. These variables are unlike to the variables which are declared with var […]

How to Delete a File in Ruby

The following tutorial describe how to delete files and directories that you no longer need in your application. Removing single file in Ruby is simple and straightforward, with File.delete. This method Deletes the named […]

Ruby – Check whether a file or directory exists

Checking whether a file exists or not, is one of the most basic file related tasks which you will do most of the times and thankfully Ruby’s File class provides two methods called File.file?(),File.exist?() to test […]

Laravel 5 Pagination with array

Laravel provides pagination for Eloquent results out of the box, but for custom data we need to do the pagination manually. In this tutorial, I’ll use Laravel5 LengthAwarePaginator class to show you how you can create […]

How to iterate over a array in Ruby

The each construct provides an easy way to iterate over arrays and hash. each loop will continue until it has gone through every item in the array. We have an associative array that stores the names of fruits. We want […]

how to get the CI’s base url in JavaScript

I received a tutorial requests from my reader that asked to me how to access CI’s base url inside the JavaScript/external JavaScript files. Editing base url of the project after each and very deployment is very frustrating […]

Coming up in laravel 5.3

Laravel5.3 is coming with following new features, 1. Rollback one migration 2. Blade Foreach Loops (new $loop variable) 3. Eloquent Collections are cleanly serialized and re-pulled by queued jobs 4. Queue console output […]

Getting started with Git

In this post I would like to provide basic usage steps and a list of some basic Git commands to get you going with Git. First let me give you basic information about git. Git is a version control system that is widely […]