Add Watermark on Images using PHP

One of the most common approach to brand/protect images is watermarking. Here I would like to show you how to use PHP to add a watermark on images. PHP uses its GD library to write text on images using true type fonts. […]

How to download a remote file in FuseTools?

Today I am gonna write about file downloading from remote source in you FuseTools based mobile applicaitons. About FuseTools FuseTools makes apps development faster, easier and more fun for both designers and developers,to […]

Enabling HTTPS for Your Express App

I am gonna show you the usage of ssl certificates along with Express JS based application. Once you have your private key and certificate, using them in your app is easy. http Server Let’s revisit how we’ve […]

Laravel 5.5 New feature- Fresh Migrations

Laravel 5.5 adds another Artisan command to the migrate: namespace. This is similar to migrate:refresh but rather than rolling back your existing migrations, it drops all tables and recreate every table. php artisan migrate:fresh […]

Laravel – .env Variables

Laravel utilizes the DotEnv PHP library by Vance Lucas. Using this library we can easily configure the application settings and we can have different configuration values based on the environment where the application […]

How to Clear cache in Laravel 5

Here I am gonna show you few artisan commands which will help you to clear different caches in your Laravel application. Clear Application Cache To clear application cache use the `php artisan cache:clear` command. php […]

How to use JWT (JSON Web Token) with Express JS

Today I am gonna show you JWT(JSON Web Token) token generating and verification steps with express JS framework. What is JWT (JSON Web Token)? A JSON Web Token, or JWT, is used to send information that can be verified […]

Node JS Email Validation with MX DNS Record Check

Typically we do the email validation with regular expression which will validate the structure. The Regular expression can be useless even after it is validated the format if the domain does not exist. So validating with […]

How to serve static files with Express

In many instances you required to server static assets such as images, css files and JavaScript files, so today we gonna show you, how you can server static files using express framework. For example, If you have following […] Protection Status