Base Controller In CodeIgniter

I always use this Base Controller for My CodeIgniter App Development, It makes my app portable and flexible.We can define all Global settings in Base Controller(Inheritable) so that all Child Controllers share some common […]

Enable GET method in CodeIgniter Framework?

GET data is simply disallowed by CodeIgniter since the system utilizes URI segments rather than traditional URL query strings (unless you have the query string option enabled in your config file). The global GET array […]

File Uploading with PHP ?

This script will allow you to upload files from your browser to your hosting, using PHP. Uploading Files to a server can be broken down into two parts : As usual we need an HTML form with browse option to visitors to choose […]

Testing You Have PHP Installed Correctly On Your Server

Open a notepad, and put the following code:

This should be saved as test.php in the document root of your server. If you then see the PHP config display, it’s all working! I hope you […]

How to count the number of items in a PHP array ?

Here is my Array with some stuff

What if you need to count the number of array members, we can achieve this with PHP function called count(). How to Use: […]

CodeIgniter : One Controller to Rule all Methods(page)

Today, we are Going to Use Codeigniter URI Segments to rule all Methods within the controller, means one Controller will load views based on the URI segments, This method is best for static sites that don’t require a […] Protection Status