PHP Design Pattern – Singleton pattern

Knowing about Design patters is very essential in software designing and development, here in this post i am gonna write about singleton pattern, basically it is commonly used most useful well know pattern, it allows(create) […]

How to Send HTML Mail Using Zend Framework 2 (ZF2)

ZendMail provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart email messages. Mail can be sent with ZendMail via the MailTransportSendmail, MailTransportSmtp or the MailTransportFile […]

PHP Multidimensional Array Searching

This post is about Multidimensional Array Searching , there is no builtin function in PHP to search Multidimensional Array, we can write our own function using recursive procedure. Here is the Simple recursive function […]

Delete Files Older than n Number Of days Using PHP?

Some times in application development, we required to delete files older than specified number of days. Actually below method removes older files from disk and free the hard disk memory. Below example demonstrate how to […]

How to Check Uncheck All Checkboxes Using Jquery

This post is about Checking and Un-Checking all the check boxes with one single click. Below is the Sample code to Check or Unchecked All Check boxes Using JQuery. $(“:checkbox”) selector is used to select […]

Php CodeIgniter Server Side Form Validation Example

Today we are going to learn more about server side validation using php codeigniter framework.Follow the below steps to do the server side validations. Server side validation is most secure way than client side validation, […]

How to Use the Facebook API with Codeigniter

This post shows you how to get the sample Facebook application working with the CodeIgniter framework. For PHP Facebook has an PHP Facebook API and it is located on github. This library gives the php developer much more […]

File Upload using dropzone.js and Codeigniter

In this post, I will show you, how to upload files with drag and drop interface with dropzone.js in your Codeigniter framework applications. Dropzone.js comes with nice CSS and Javascript that makes it a breeze to work […]

DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is not necessary in PHP?

In Linux, the path separator is /, in windows supports both / and , so you can just use forward slashes to make your script cross-platform(Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X). instead of using DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR Christian : I just […] Protection Status