Better way of using jquery’s Append

We use append() method for adding elements dynamically into an already existing element. If you miss use this function, it will dramatically affects the performance of your page. In this post, I will share a quick performance […]

Get selected Text and Value of DropDownList using jQuery

This tutorial illustrates about getting selected Text and Value of HTML Select DropDownList on Button click using jQuery. The following HTML Markup consists of an HTML Select DropDownList and a Button.


Slim3 Routes

The router component allows you to define routes that are mapped to callback handlers that should receive the request. The Slim Framework’s router is built on top of the nikic/fastroute component, and it is remarkably […]

Custom Facade in Laravel?

In Laravel world, a facade is a class that provides access to an object from the container. Laravel “facades” serve as “static proxies” to underlying classes in the service container, providing […]

How to install Slim Framework 3

Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you write simple web applications and APIs quickly. It comes with a sophisticated URL dispatcher and middleware architecture that makes it ideal for static websites or API prototyping. […]

How to configure/load database in Slim Framework 3

Slim is a full-featured, open-source PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. It comes with a sophisticated URL dispatcher and middleware architecture that makes it […]

Slim framework 3 – Route Groups

Slim lets you group related routes. Route groups allow you to share route attributes, such as middleware or URL segments across a large number of routes without needing to define those attributes on each individual route. […]

How to Run Gulp Tasks in Laravel with Elixir

This tutorial describes how to use laravel’s elixir to run Gulp tasks. Gulp is a javascript task runner, it keeps things simple and makes the complex task manageable. Here I am gonna show you how easy it is to use […]

WordPress excluding category from pagination the loop

Past below code snippet right before loop and change category ID!

I hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face – we are here […]

JavaScript measuring execution time

JavaScript performance is becoming increasingly important, it is good to know basic instrumentation techniques. One of the basic instrumentation tool is console.time and console.timeEnd. console.time() starts a new timer […] Protection Status