JavaScript Promise API

Promises can replace the asynchronous use of callbacks, and they provide several benefits over them. Basic Promise Usage A new Promise is created with the new Promise() constructor and the promise provides resolve and […]

JavaScript const keyword

In my previous post I wrote about let keyword, in this post I would like to write about another new ECMAScript 6 keyword, const. There is no much difference between const and let, both works similar way , both are having […]

JavaScript let keyword

In this tutorial I will introduce you to new ECMAScript 6 let keyword. Variables declared with let keyword behave like other languages variables. These variables are unlike to the variables which are declared with var […]

JavaScript measuring execution time

JavaScript performance is becoming increasingly important, it is good to know basic instrumentation techniques. One of the basic instrumentation tool is console.time and console.timeEnd. console.time() starts a new timer […]

Array.from Function

ECMAScript 6 supports a generic Array method for converting an array-like object into one of its own.It is Array.from(). This method is very useful while converting iterable objects to arrays, code will be much cleaner […]

AngularJS – IsArray function

AngularJS isArray() is one of the useful ng function. This function is used to identify if a reference is array or not. This function return Boolean which means , it will return true if the reference is an array, return […]

JavaScript Module Pattern

Design patterns offer developers ways to solve technical problems in a reusable and elegant way. Probably module pattern is the most used and widely accepted JavaScript pattern and you’ve probably used it before […]

Namespace in JavaScript

In this post i would like to explain about JavaScript Namespaces. Namespaces is nothing but grouping different functionality under the single unique name.As we know in JavaScript everything is in global scope so there […]

JavaScript – encodeURI() vs encodeURIComponent()

The purpose of the tutorial is to show you the differences between encodeURI() and encodeURIComponent() functions. encodeURIComponent() This method will encode the given string , and if you pass the encoded string to decodeURIComponent(), […]

Web Notifications API

Web notifications API was designed to display END user notifications(desktop notifications), which allows alerting the user outside the context of a web page. This API is really very useful to show real time notifications […]

Dependent Dropdown List with AngularJS

Here the simple AngularJS tutorial on creating Cascading DropDownList with Angular JS. DemoI hope you like this Post, Please feel free to comment below, your suggestion and problems if you face – we are here to solve […]

How to assign alternate class to rows in Angular JS?

In this post i would like to write about Angular JS ngClassOdd,ngClassEven directives , by using this directories we can take effect only on odd rows or on even rows. This directives work exactly as ngClass and this directives […]

Custom filters in AngularJS

This tutorial will show you, creating your own custom filters in AngularJS with simple steps and example. Angular filters provides a way to format the variable output without changing scope variable. Whenever possible […]