Yii2 Change app name

Yii2 Default application name is “My Application”. You can change this name by editing the config/main.php. Just add the application name property in Config Array. NOTE : If your using the advanced app you […]

How to make a drop down list in yii2

In this post I would like to show you how to create a drop down list in yii2. This tutorial will help you to display the array data or model data in drop down list. I am using activeForm. Drop down list syntax Drop down […]

How to display image in CGridView in YII

This post is a simple example for showing images in CGridView in Yii.Imagine that you have an image field in your table ie either a location field or a blob type field used to store the images.

How to Install YII in windows, XAMPP ?

SETP1: Download Latest version of Yii Framewrok from official website (http://www.yiiframework.com/). SETP2: Extract The Giz. SETP3 : OPEN command prompt, type cd / hit enter cd xampp/php hit Enter cd php.ext c:xampphtdocsframeworkyiic […]