Posted by Arjun Arjun on Thursday 18th December 2014, 1 minute read

How to Change port in XAMPP

How to

By default Xampp server is run on 80 port, if you want to change this port to something, just follow the below steps it is pretty easy.

Before you start changing anything, make sure you don’t have Xampp running somewhere, especially services as they are running behind the scene.

How to change

we need to edit the httpd.conf file to change the port Apache listens on. Below are the steps

1 . Go to /apache/conf/
2. Open httpd.conf file
3. Search and change port. xxx stands for desired_port_number:
Listen 80 To Listen xxx
ServerName localhost:80 to ServerName localhost:xxx
after completing above changes , save and close the file.

If you wish to change ssl port, change the followings in /apache/conf/extra/http-ssl.conf
Listen 443 to Listen xxx
ServerName localhost:443 to ServerName localhost:xxx

After you have updated and saved the files, restart your Xampp.

That's it.


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