Express JS – Convert Given text to Voice using Node JS

I this post I would like to introduce ‘say’, which reads out the given text and we can even save it in audio format.


Mac OS X (comes with say)
Linux with Festival installed, you can install with sudo apt-get install festival festvox-kallpc16k
Windows (comes with SAPI.SpVoice).

Convert Given text to Voice using Node JS


In windows systems, voice parameter is not yet available. Uses whatever default system voice is set, ignoring voice parameter. Speed parameter is not yet available. for more information please visit click here

Below is the complete working rest API, which is designed with express js framework.

Run following command to install the dependencies.

Here is our Server file which will convert Given text to voice using Node JS.

Running the application

To test our rest API, you have to send a post request with ‘text’ field to http://localhost:8080/.

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